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I've developed really strong romantic feelings for a play partner, but I don't know if he feels the same way. Part of me wants to ask, but I'm terrified. Things are just really complicated with him and his ex, who he's also still playing with, and everything. But dear god do I like this man... I just don't know what to do.
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I was just going to say, ask him casually that if he is meeting others or he prefers to exclusive. Sometimes playpartners / FWB prefers to be exclusive. You will get an idea what he has in mind. 

But your situation is tricky as he is playing with his ex too. Chances of them getting back together is still there. So, just hold back your feelings until he realizes what he needs in his life and then you can make your move. 

that’s it huh…

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i’m still not used to with D/S relationship. sometimes i got into quarrel with my master but he’s actually a sweet guy. when he praised me or call me beautiful or something that pretty much the same, it makes me really happy. knowing that he likes what i do for him, it makes me happy as well. i like making my master happy. i want my master to be happy. but, since i’m not used to with this relationship, sometimes when my master asked me something i will say no and sometimes we argue. 

but overall, i really like being my master’s sub. i hope i can do better as your sub, as you said to me maybe i’ve fallen for you.

i miss my master…